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Google Doc--> Real Time View of Work

Question asked by Andrew Fenstermaker on Feb 6, 2019
Latest reply on Jun 26, 2019 by Andrew Fenstermaker

Many teachers have asked if there is a way to work with Google Docs in Canvas much like Google Classroom. They are able to create an assignment where the submission type is an external tool and a Google Doc Cloud assignment. This will automatically make a copy of the Google Doc for each student. However, the only way for a teacher to see what students have done on the Google Doc is for the student to turn in the Google Doc. The problem is it submits it into Canvas as a .docx format. The teacher is able to see whatever the student has completed to that time stamp, but unable to see the students work in real time. The student will always have to submit the Google Doc again and again as they make changes. In Google Classroom, if you make a copy for each student, you are able to click on the copied Google Doc for each student and see them working in real time. Is there a way to do this within Canvas so that teachers can click on the student's file and see them working in real time?