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Course Navigation Report (specifically Zoom)

Question asked by John Kinsella on Feb 4, 2019
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I'm hoping someone might have a suggestion that will help be avoid having to parse through the Request Data in Canvas Data which I think it our last resort.


We need to pull a report of all the courses in our current term that have enabled the Zoom LTI integration (We've updated that integration and need to find out how many courses need to be updated with the new integration before we turn off the old.)


So far I've been unable to find any options in Canvas Data, nor the APIs, that will report on ALL of the course navigation items of each course.  I have some data in Canvas Data from course_ui_navigation (and the other 2 similar tables) that will report on the STANDARD navigation items and whether they are enabled, but not Zoom (nor any other LTI/external tools.)  Any suggestions?