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Question asked by Michael Maguire on Feb 5, 2019
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With the mix of options I have for Canvas course design, I'm most comfortable with a modules-first approach, with most Modules structured/labeled by weeks of the semester.  Since students in our relatively small undergraduate degree program are enrolled in more than one course with me, they seem to have acclimated well to this Canvas course structure I use.  Thanks, in advance, for staying with me on the Modules structure (I use Pages differently than some folks, so I've already tried that on for size, and it doesn't fit me0. 


For each Module in my Canvas course set-up (Week One, Week Two, etc. .... with a total of 14-15 Modules, structured by the week of the semester), I am able to load daily class session resources, Pages, related Discussions, Assignments, etc.


One other dimension to the question I'll ask is that I like to have populated. in the current semester's course, Modules from prior semesters' courses, keep them Unpublished for students, and use them as a quick resource for me to go to so that I can access additional Module components from a similar Module of an earlier iteration of the same course.


Question:  Does Canvas allow me the flexibility to structure my Module-creation defaults in such a way (if at all!) that, when I "Save & Publish" a newly-created Module, that same Module will automatically be located as most-recent-first in my list of Modules (i.e., at the top of my Modules display)?  Currently, the only 'default' I've seen in this new-Module creation process, is that, when I "Save & Publish" a new Module, its default location is displayed at the bottom of the list of Modules.  Which means (minor as it may sound), once I've Saved it, I have to go to the end of my list of Modules, and manually click & drag it to the top of my Modules list, to have my Modules displayed chronologically, from most recent to last.  Recall that I have all of those Unpublished Modules in there from which I'm getting resources for the current course.


Just looking for some simple efficiencies.


Also, true disclosure, I am NOT a fan of the Canvas "propose idea" and "vote" processes [I rarely participate in either].......I don't have the luxury of time to follow those voting trends........I either need "yes, here's how to do this..." or "no, we don't offer that" replies.  Managing my four Canvas courses per-semester precludes me from tracking the Canvas labor-management/voting processes.


Thanks for any assistance.


Michael Maguire, Faculty Associate

University of Wisconsin-Madison