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"Attendance" broken with Instructor + Student roles

Question asked by DJ Rao on Feb 5, 2019
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I am an instructor to a course on canvas. I have added myself as a student (used by another LTI plug-in integration). Even though I am the instructor, the "Attendance" tool only gives me a "Student" view (obviously because of my added student role)


There is a thread about this -- but this one seems to be TA+student rather than Instructor+Student (Student role over-riding teacher role so cannot use attendance taker ) 


Since I am the instructor for the course, I think that "Instructor" role should override my student role like it does everywhere else on Canvas. For example "Gradebook", "Assignments", "Pages", etc. all honor my instructor settings. So why is the "Attendance" tool not honoring my Instructor role? This discrepancy/inconsistency does not make sense. If the Gradebook, Assignments, etc. is fine with my Instructor+Student settings, so should the Attendance tool. 


This seems like an issue with the "Attendance" tool. Canvas's excuse about FERPA does not make sense - if I can modify grades why can't I mark attendance? 


Maybe this is a Canvas-developer question -- As an Admin is there a workaround for this -- i.e., can an administrator tweak settings in Canvas to let the "Attendance" tool honor Instructor role (even if other roles are present)?