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"Out of" (i.e. total possible points) missing for a subset of quizzes

Question asked by Cory Cutsail on Feb 6, 2019
Latest reply on Jan 21, 2020 by Sharon Naymark

The total points possible is missing for some of my quizzes. I can't find any way to adjust this. It is showing my student's averages as well over 100% when the real average is closer to 70%. All of the quizzes are set up the same way (originally transferred from Sakai). These quizzes used to have the "out of" points underneath, and when I go to edit the quiz, it does show the total possible points. I'm just not seeing it in the gradebook. I saw this question previously, but there was no solution in Q&A although it was marked resolved. Question here: Why is a quiz counting for extra credit when it shouldn't be? 


I am having exactly the same problem. Any solutions?