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"Out of" (i.e. total possible points) missing for a subset of quizzes

Question asked by Cory Cutsail on Feb 6, 2019
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The total points possible is missing for some of my quizzes. I can't find any way to adjust this. It is showing my student's averages as well over 100% when the real average is closer to 70%. All of the quizzes are set up the same way (originally transferred from Sakai). These quizzes used to have the "out of" points underneath, and when I go to edit the quiz, it does show the total possible points. I'm just not seeing it in the gradebook. I saw this question previously, but there was no solution in Q&A although it was marked resolved. Question here: Why is a quiz counting for extra credit when it shouldn't be? 


I am having exactly the same problem. Any solutions?