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Revised Code for Tabbed Pages

Question asked by Susie Chin on Feb 6, 2019
Latest reply on Mar 13, 2019 by Susie Chin

I have been reading the blog for the entry Making YouTube Captions Appear in the Arc Media Player started by Gregory Beyrer, which was very informative. I am hoping someone can help me with the adjusting the existing code for the tabbed pages. 

I am able to create the tabbed pages if the content is just text/richtext. However, when I use the same code to embed videos (three tabbed pages with embedded video html for each of the tabbed pages). 


While the video on the first tabbed page displays correctly, the videos on the subsequent pages do not. I've attached a screenshot of the recommended code I am using as well as the incorrect display. 


Has anyone run across this issue and can anyone help with adjusting the code? I don't know html well enough at this point to be able to make the necessary adjustments or to determine what is wrong in the code that needs editing. 


Thank you.