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Analytics, Page Views, Weird!

Question asked by Rick Jerz on Feb 7, 2019
Latest reply on Jul 3, 2019 by Rick Jerz

These questions have probably been asked before. I searched and could not find anything so I will ask.


I am going into Analytics for one student, and I am concerned about their "Activity."  The one metric shown for activity is "page views."


1) How is a "page view" defined in this "Analytics" system?  For example, is this only for "Page" resources, and not quizzes, assignments, forums, etc.?  I wish to know the exact detail of what a "page view" is, not someones guess, please.

2) Is there any way to see which "pages" the student has views?

3) Is there any way to see the time in addition to the date?

4) I see a graph "Activity by Date," "Page Views," and I can manually add up how many "Page Views" this student has had.  Then I switch to the "list view." The number of "page views" is far different than what the graph shows.  Why is this?  Why is there a discrepancy between what the graph view "page views" shows and what the "list view" shows?


I will attach what I see for a student.


(In this example, one can count 18 page views on the graph.  The list view shows 32 pages views.  Of course, these two numbers are quite different.