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Multiple Courses Question

Question asked by Zachary Tocchi on Aug 8, 2015
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I'm going to try to explain this as best as possible and see if anyone has suggestions! At our school, we offer a variety of different levels of Geometry. Freshmen/Sophomore Geometry and Junior Geometry. In the 9/10 Geometry class, there are two courses: Low level and Regular level. In the Junior Geometry, we have the same, Low level and Regular level. So basically, I teach to two different courses at the same time during a 9/10 Geo and during an 11th Grade Geo. Make sense?


Ok, I have two Freshmen/Sophomore Sections and two Junior Sections (Each has students from regular and low level courses). Naturally, each course has a different section number (and our courses are automagically created from PowerSchool. Canvas makes sure I only see One Geometry, but for each different course. So I see 9/10 Low Level Geometry, 9/10 Regular Level Geometry, 11 Low Level Geometry, 11 Regular Level Geometry.


Is there a way for me to post to all four of these Canvas courses at one time? Posting assignments, quizzes, announcements, etc will be absolutely annoying otherwise.


Let me know if I need to re-explain anything. Thanks for any help you can provide!