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Notification when a student drops a Program?

Question asked by Lindy Foster on Feb 7, 2019
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Hi fellow Catalog admins! We're pretty new to Catalog, and still have just one department using Catalog. They have just asked me: If a student drops a program, who is notified? They had a student drop a program, and the student had to call them to request a refund, since no one in the department was notified.


I have a feeling this is how it works, and no one is notified. Can someone please confirm this? Also, if there are any guides that mention how this works, that would be super helpful. I've see the guide for how a student can drop a program, but nothing about any kind of notification.


The department has also asked if the "drop program" feature can be disabled, but I don't see anywhere that might be done either.


Any help appreciated!