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undocumented API for gradebook_settings?

Question asked by David Sheads on Feb 8, 2019
Latest reply on Feb 18, 2019 by David Sheads

When I check my Canvas Data Portal request tables, I find a POST call to /api/v1/courses/xxxx/gradebook_settings for any time a user changes a gradebook setting, such as "Show Concluded Enrollments."


I'd love to be able to use a script to update all instructors' gradebook settings to show concluded enrollments at the end of semesters (or better yet, if Canvas had an account setting that made it "on" by default, but that's not a discussion for this group).


I'm by no means an API expert, but it seems to me that, if I knew the right call to make with the user_id of the instructor(s) and the course_id, I could edit the gradebook_settings via API (and potentially write a script that updates all of the settings around the end of the semester when I get floods of emails about "where did my students go in the gradebook?").


Can anyone offer any insights?