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"Only Once After Each Attempt"

Question asked by Debra Ragland on Feb 12, 2019
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I am experimenting with letting students view the correct responses to their quizzes and exams. Historically I have not done this because my class is so large that it takes about a week to get everyone quizzed or tested and I want to mitigate answer sharing if I do not have time to formulate an alternative for the late takers. I am trying to figure out what the "Only once after each attempt" option allows students to see. I have read the forum post regarding this question but am unclear about the "definition" given. If this option is selected prior to the quiz opening, will students be able to see their responses AND the correct responses once after the attempt or will they only be able to see their responses only once? Also, if I select this option and select "Let students see the correct responses" will the two work together? For instance, will the students be able to see the correct answers only once after each attempt? Does muting the quiz/exam trump all of these options?