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Produce question pools for CANAVAS

Question asked by Eduardo Uresti on Feb 13, 2019
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I am a Math Teacher from Monterrey Tech (

An we are replacing Blackboard MLS by CANVAS. We already start using Canvas

but this august/2019 we will start a new kind of Learning Strategy (Modelo Tec 21)


I have been working many years using/constructing/developing/ my own

on-line evaluation system based on a item pool (question sets).

But this time, I want to move  all my stuff to CANVAS. But I do not want to rewrite every one of my item into Canvas,

instead I REALLY LIKE to produce "item pool ZIP files"  in order upload them in CANVAS.

So, I need to know if I can figure out a computer process to write text files containing

my items. Is there something like "syntax declaration" for pools and items in such possible files?


I have a "detail"; because my items are related to Math, I use LaTeX to produce formulas.


I really appreciate any help.

Professor Eduardo Uresti