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Announcements - GRRRR

Discussion created by Rob Gibson on Aug 9, 2015
Latest reply on Aug 31, 2018 by Stefanie Sanders

As I prepare for another new semester I'm once again faced with the ever-present, annoying, teeth-gnashing 'I can't believe they don't fix this' issue of Announcements. To defeat each announcement copied from an old semester I have to post-date each one to a neutral date (Dec 31st in my case). Then, I have to selectively locate the announcements and turn them back on when I need them. A simple 'flag off', 'hide', 'don't show', 'not yet', 'peek-a-boo' checkbox would work, no? I know the argument will be that it's basically the same UX (delay posting v. flag off), but new faculty will be surprised to learn that they need to go through the added contortion of juggling the calendar and post-dating announcements to a neutral date in order to simply hide them until ready. It has always seemed so illogical to me. Blackboard struggled with Announcements as well.They never could master the workflow most faculty desired in a relatively simply feature.


Am I alone on this? If so, I'll take my lumps and be quiet....