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Self-assessment / notification after practice quiz

Question asked by Kerstin Jarosch on Feb 13, 2019
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I'm looking for any ideas on the following subject matter:

I created a practice quiz in Canvas with 25 questions (25 points). With the help of this quiz the students can find out whether they should take a certain course or not:

20 - 25 points: it is not necessary to take the course
18 - 22 points: they got the basics down but the course could help them to gain more knowledge

below 18 points: course participation is highly recommended


Now, I would like for the students to take the quiz and then right afterwards there should be some sort of automatic notification or page or pop-up that would let them see this previous text with the recommendations.
They should be able to assess their own knowledge according to the points they reached without any lecturer having to manually give them feedback.

Maybe there's any way to have an automatic feedback page or pop-up that will let them know what is recommended (a short message like: "You reached 13 points. We would recommend you to participate in the course".)

Is anything like that possible?
Until now I only saw the comments for each answer (correct/incorrect) in the questions.

Thank you so much in advance and kind regards