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Can the recorded media object be manipulated?

Question asked by awilliams Administrator on Aug 12, 2015
Latest reply on Oct 22, 2017 by Mark Van de Velde

For context, here is the thing I'm talking about:

Screenshot - 08122015 - 12:05:54 AM.png Screenshot - 08122015 - 12:15:15 AM.png


So the question from the faculty member was "How do I work with this thing? I can't center it, I don't like the preview image, and even though I gave the file a name it doesn't show up anywhere."


Now I will concede that through some clever use of divs I was able to get the thing centered, though the rest of the page would have needed to be updated to display properly, and we were able to just add some text above or below the box to duplicate where she expected to see the title, I will also concede that if we move out of Canvas for recording the audio that we just end up with a file that is much easier to work with. Yet through all of this it did seem to me that she had a very valid point, this little thing is a pain to work with. I also prefer to recommend the native tools for accomplishing tasks rather than defer to third-party solutions that vary from OS to OS.


Were we missing any clever tricks to make it easier to customize the appearance of the preview for a media object recorded through the Rich Content Editor?