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Group discussion grading in Speedgrader woes!

Question asked by Michael Porterfield on Feb 13, 2019
Latest reply on Jul 30, 2019 by Michael Porterfield

Hi everyone, last night, I was showing an instructor how to grade a group discussion board through Speedgrader. So, I directed him to on the Group 1 link, for example, I saw the Group One's conversation. Again, he wanted to grade the each group member and we clicked on the 3 dots clicking on Speedgrader; we just saw the group members. If you selected one of the group members, you only saw their replies. 


Today, the instructor called me asking me to go over the steps again. We repeated the steps: clicked on the discussion, clicked on the link, but this time, instead of only seeing the group members, we saw all of the students. The first student in alphabetical order was first, but this student was in Group 2.


When we checked the assignment today, nothing had changed from last night on our end. The discussion was set up as a group discussion. The group set and groups were set up before creating the discussion. Also, the students were assigned to the groups ahead of time as well. Finally, the discussion was assigned to all, but again, the group setting was enabled. 


Has anyone come across this before? Our local admin didn't hear of this before, but did say Canvas was doing an update this weekend and has a tendency to tweak things ahead of updates to cause some errors. 


If anyone has any thoughts, I would love to know. Thanks again to the community for all your help and support. 


Michael P