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Bug? Re-importing CSV into gradebook reapplies late penalties

Question asked by Patrick Blanchenay on Feb 15, 2019
Latest reply on Dec 14, 2019 by Dean Hougen

In the new gradebook, I have an assignment ("Assignment 1") that had Late Penalties applied.


I export the Gradebook to CSV, added a column for an external assignment ("Assignment 2"), and imported the modified CSV back in to the Gradebook. Students who had penalties applied in Assignment1 get the penalty reapplied.


If a student had 86/100 and a late penalty of -10, their score should be 76. After re-import, it was 66.

When checking the assignment, I can see that the grade initially allocated was 86 in the rubric, but the grade at the top is 76, and the penalty is reapplied, for a final grade of 66.


I had to manually correct grades for all the students who had submitted late to Assignment 1. (Not fun.)


I think this is a bug, but I cannot check because I don't want to mess up my gradebook again, and having to redo it all again.


Nonetheless, steps to replicate:

  1. 1. Have an assignment. Check "" in the options.
  2. Export Gradebook to CSV.
  3. Add a column or modify an unrelated grade.
  4. Import modified CSV into Gradebook.

Actual results:

  • The final grade before import becomes the "raw" grade after import.
  • Late policy is re-applied to that new raw grade, resulting in the late penalty being applied twice (or as many times as you re-import.)
  • The raw assignment grade does not coincide with the grade on the rubric, and the difference is equal to the late penalty (or a multiple of that if re-import several times).

Expected results:

  • Raw and final assignment grades should be identical before and after re-import.