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Mastery Pathway Configuration

Question asked by Jason Gable on Feb 15, 2019
Latest reply on Feb 16, 2019 by Kona Jones

I'm creating a Mastery Pathway. I have all the pieces created and put in the order I want:  MP Introduction, Task 1, Quiz 1, Task 2, Quiz 2, Task 3, Quiz 3, Final Practice assignment.  The title (shared on Commons) is 'c6 Mastery Pathway Work.'  Where I'm stuck is getting it active the way I want.  I would like the student to complete Task 1 (watch a video) then move to complete Quiz 1. After students gets 100% on Quiz 1, Task 2 would open.  Task 2 is an in-class assignment, so I would then need to go in and open Quiz 2.  After students get 100% on Quiz 2, then Task 3 would open. Complete Task 3 - do Quiz 3 - get 100% - Final Practice Task opens.  It's this flow I cannot get working.  Right now I can go in and open any task and any quiz in any order I want.  Please help!  Email as well.  Thanks.