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Problem with importing file-response question (qti2.1 uploadInteraction)

Question asked by A Hui on Feb 17, 2019
Latest reply on Aug 12, 2019 by Stefanie Sanders

I wrote a program to create quiz questions in the QTI 2.1 zip package format. So far, I have been successful with the multiple-blanks type and the multiple-response type of questions. But I have problem with the interaction type "uploadInteraction". That is the file-response type of questions.


I took the uploadInteraction example from the website: 

I renamed this example as MC-Q1.xml.


I put the following resource into the imsmanifest.xml:

        <resource identifier="MC-Q1.xml" type="imsqti_item_xmlv2p1" href="MC-Q1.xml">


                <lom xmlns="">










                    <qtiMetadata xmlns="">







            <file href="MC-Q1.xml"/>



When I import the QTI2.1 zip package to Canvas, I receive the error: "There was an error exporting an assessment question - No question type used when trying to parse a qti question"


Here is the screenshot that reports the error:




The file-response question xml file and the manifest file are both attached. 


Does anyone have a working example of a file-response question in QTI2.1 format? Or is it only accepted in QTI1.2? 


Thank you in advance.