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Accessibility Checker Shortfall

Question asked by Constance Chemay on Feb 18, 2019
Latest reply on Feb 18, 2019 by Kona Jones

I came across this by accident this weekend and wonder if it's something that can be corrected. Text for links in course content, whether in a document file or a page in Canvas should be written in meaningful text rather than be displayed as the hyperlink, but the accessibility checker does not catch this as noted in the attached screen grab. I never noticed it before since when I do add links, I always enter my text, select it and then insert the link. Often, I see this in a course where an instructor adds a link to a file or website in Canvas, but has not entered appropriate text to select and then add the link. Canvas then just uses the link text by default.


The only mention of links regarding the accessibility checker that I've found is "Adjacent links: Adjacent links with the same URL should be a single link. This rule verifies link errors where the link text may include spaces and break the link into multiple links," in the Guide How do I use the Accessibility Checker. Is this addressed anywhere else in the Guides?

If this is not a function that can be added, maybe there needs to be a disclaimer.


Constance Chemay