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LTI App - missing post params - custom_canvas_course_id and custom_canvas_api_domain

Question asked by Guillaume Molter on Aug 13, 2015
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I'm trying to build an LTI app that extends the features currently offered in the course view. It needs to be available in every courses and work on multiple instances of Canvas (both self-hosted and instructure hosted).


I was able to add my app (on a instructure hosted instance) and it now displays in the course profile menu for admins like I wanted it to do.


I noticed that when my app is originally loaded canvas POST a whole bunch of information back to my app which is what you would expect. However I can't find a documented/preferred way :


a) to identify which instance of Canvas is loading the app. I suppose I should rely on the oauth_consumer_key. However how do I get to know the API url/path from that?


b) to identity from which course my app is currently being displayed in. According to some LTI documentation that should be the context_id. But at least in the instructure hosted instances the context_id is an MD5 hash that can't be reused in API calls.


Thank you for your help!