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Catalog console issues and course page SEO restrictions

Question asked by Jaclyn Smith on Feb 19, 2019
Latest reply on Apr 18, 2019 by Daniel Tan

Catalog Users Group Canvas Developers meta data seo java script Catalog Community - putting some feelers out there to see if anyone else has experienced search console issues and course page SEO restrictions in their catalog environment. 


  1. Has anyone discovered a better solution for metadata on the catalog course description pages; we came up with our own Java script solution that's not really working well with Google (IE it's not being read correctly). We want to know if the community has found another good solution for H1, H2, title and meta descriptions on the pages. 
  2. Has anyone found a way to access the search console information on the catalog course pages? Every page that has (for example) as part of its url is inaccessible to us in Google Search Console.


We are open to collaboration if anyone else is working on these issues!