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Group Visibility to Students & Assigning Multiple Group Sets + More...

Question asked by Cynthia Padavano on Feb 19, 2019
Latest reply on Feb 20, 2019 by Cynthia Padavano

I was working with an instructor on setting up groups for his Lab class and ran into some curiosities of function for groups in Canvas. Could someone either answer the below or let me know if it is a feature idea being voted on?


1. Is there a way to prevent students of a different section from viewing certain group names in a group set?

Explanation: The teacher wants the students to self-enroll into their groups by their section only. However, no one has enrolled in a group yet, so Canvas does not automatically know what groups should be assigned to which section/student. Is there a way so ONLY the groups he wants them to enroll in become visible?

NOTE: In this Group Set he combined 2 course sections into ONE Canvas course, and put all their groups in ONE group set as Canvas does not allow more than one group set to be assigned to an assignment. (see #2 below for why this happened)


ADDITIONAL COMMENT: There needs to be an indicator of what section a Group is set to. I just removed students from the course section (default one all students fall into), even though students are in another section, it pulled the students OUT of their groups that were already enrolled.


2. Is there a way to assign more than one group set to an assignment, rather than creating a new assignment?

Explanation: The teacher teaches the same class on Mondays & Wednesdays, so his Canvas course has the sections combined. He divided the sections, and now wants groups divided for an assignment in that course (group assignments). At first we divded the groups into 2 group sets so we could see the Monday vs. Wednesday group sets, but realized you CANNOT assign more than one group set to an assignment. These groups will stay together the rest of the semester, so there is no need to consider it by assignment #. 


3. Is a feature idea out to pick "lock out dates" and/or "deploy dates" for self-enrollment of groups?

Explanation: I know there is a way to turn on and off enrollment, but would be nice to have a lock-out and deploy date so teachers do not have to worry about this. Especially ones who are not tech-savy. This would allow the groups to be created at a certain time and then closed at another. 


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