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Copy a Quiz - Oh....and if you're like me - you searched for Copy a quiz, but you find a lot more information when you search Duplicate a Quiz.

Discussion created by Lisa Risch on Feb 21, 2019
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I tend to start discussions in Canvas when I'm frustrated. I need to work on that.


Copying a quiz needs to be easier. Up until today, I have had success copying quizzes by sharing them to the commons and reimporting them back into the course. I need one quiz to be Fill in the Blank and the other version to be Multiple choice for accommodation purposes, so I would edit the questions of one test and change the name - then import the same quiz from the Commons. Today that didn't work because it kept overriding my edited quiz. 


Called Support. "You need to Copy from a Canvas Course import instead."


Me:  Okay. I select the content from the Canvas Course Import. Same problem.


Called Support again:  "That won't work. You'll need to export that quiz and import it as a QTI zip file. 


Me:  It worked, but I hate the idea of explaining that to teachers. We need to be able to duplicate the quiz like we can duplicate an assignment.



I know....I can duplicate a quiz in Quizzes.Next. Can't say I've been all that impressed with Quizzes.Next and I hear that's the case for most people who have given it a try.  Tagging recent duplicate Quiz members....


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