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Experienced Pinterest users--any advice?

Question asked by Beth Young on Aug 13, 2015
Latest reply on Mar 5, 2017 by Laura Gibbs

I'd like to try an assignment that uses Pinterest in my partially online class (35 students, undergraduate). Basically, I'd assign students to find visual representations of an assigned topic--we would discuss their findings during a f2f meeting, plus I would grade them. I'd like students to have the option of working individually or with a group.


I know I'm way behind the curve--others have undoubtedly already experimented with Pinterest (Eric Filardi even wrote a feature idea about it Pinterest LTI App Request ).


Do any of you have advice on how to incorporate Pinterest into an assignment?  I feel pretty good about the "assemble visual images" part of the assignment, it's the "using Pinterest" part I'm not sure of, since I myself haven't used Pinterest before. For example, should I require students to make their own accounts, or should I make one account and let them all login to it?  What would be the least hassle?


OR--is there a Canvas equivalent that could enable me to skip Pinterest altogether?  Has anyone assigned students to compile visual images in Pages, for example?