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Media File Play From Teacher App

Question asked by Ashok Thapa on Feb 24, 2019
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I ran across this problem when we had an assignment where students are needed to submit multiple media files. When a teachers goe to the assignment and go on 'comments' tab. They can see a list of submitted media files. Tapping on one of the file will ask 'to open in' as expected. The file is opened in VLC media player, the first file plays fine. Going back to the teachers app by clicking on 'Teacher' link in top left corner in media player and trying to play another file will again play the same file.


Tapping 'Done' in media player would show me the list of files, where I can see two files, both with same name, the difference is '-1' suffix at the end of one file.


I know by tapping 'Done' in teacher app will fix this. But this will be time consuming as teacher has to navigate to the same location as many times as submission for one student. Imagine there are quite a lot of students and all with multiple file submission. That's a lot of time spent on navigation only.


Any way to play the media files smooth.