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Change default grading scheme

Question asked by Li Zhu on Feb 26, 2019
Latest reply on Feb 26, 2019 by Peter Love
We are trying to use a new custimized grading scheme to replace the default one. So I created one grade scheme at the admin console. 
We would like to set this new custimized grading scheme to be the default, but is NOT selected in every course setting. 
My script(python) can set all courses to use this new customized grading scheme by using course API(with this parameter: course[grading_standard_id]), but we do not  want this grading scheme is preselected in the course setting. When I look at the course setting API(Courses - Canvas LMS REST API Documentation ), the GET has the parameters (

"allow_student_discussion_editing" and "grading_standard_enabled"), but PUT does not have the parameter.


How can I set a new default grading scheme? and uncheck the selection?


thanks for your help!