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Need to wipe all memory of student from a Free for Teachers Canvas account

Question asked by Ashley Dalby on Feb 27, 2019
Latest reply on Feb 28, 2019 by Michael Zimmerman

We made a mistake when enrolling a new student in our Canvas account, giving the correct email address but typing in the wrong name next to it. Honestly, I'm not sure how it happened. It looked something like this:      Stephanie Rodgers


Obviously, that was incorrect. In fact, we already had Stephanie Rodgers in our system as a student, under her own email address. This has proved to be a big problem, though, because now Stephanie Rodgers has BOTH of these email addresses tied to her account, and the actual Melissa Smith can't log in at all. 


We can't create a new account for Melissa... when we do, it automatically brings up Stephanie's name as the person related to this email address. And we can't use Melissa's personal email address because she can't access that one while at work.


So, we figured we would simply erase both accounts (Stephanie Rodgers has a new job now, anyway), and start fresh... but Canvas has a memory. Although we've erased all traces of Stephanie, Canvas STILL pulls up her name when we type in Melissa's email address. 


Is there a way someone can look into our system and completely wipe ALLLLL traces of the two students we're having issues with? Stephanie and Melissa are fake names, so the support team would need to contact me directly to see which students need to be deleted.