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Science Pre and Post Labs

Discussion created by Joressia Beyer on Feb 27, 2019
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Hi Everyone,


I teach General Biology and Environmental Science.  We use "Assignments" and "" as a student answer sheets for our pre-lab and post-lab questions.  This has greatly simplified our grading and collecting student answers for each lab.  While it has been simple to maintain a separate blackboard shell as a repository, I am faced with duplicating this in Canvas.  


To add to the chore of maintaining a repository of material, we teach both student that have either face-to-face labs or online labs.  We have designed the questions to be mostly the same (our online students do wet labs just like our face to face students) but sometimes we have to vary the questions (you can dissect a flower at home but you won't have a pH meter). So I have to maintain two repositories: one for face-to-face labs and one for the online class. 


I need ideas some on how to duplicate our blackboard repository in Canvas. If anyone out there has had a similar issue in maintaining a repository of Canvas "Assignments" and "" that have to be used by all faculty teaching a section, please chime in.  I would love to know the good, the bad, and the ugly.


I have considered the following scenarios:

  • Export all of the pre and post lab assignments as module into the Canvas Commons.  Instructors would then import from the Commons. 
  • Blueprint a course with the pre and post lab assignments all ready in it.  I would have to maintain a blueprint for each version of a class (face to face and virtual). 
  • I have already tried winning the lottery, retiring early, and letting someone else handle it.  So far, this option has not panned out.


Thanks in advance for all suggestions and ideas.