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Canvas .ics/calendar not working on Iphone XS

Question asked by Riva Rios on Mar 2, 2019
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This evening I discovered that all of my Canvas events are missing from my iphone calendar. It had been working flawlessly up until now.

I removed the calendar. I restarted my iphone. I went to desktop and emailed myself the most current .ics link for the calendar to subscribe to. Sometimes in Safari you don't grab the whole link when you copy via the mobile safari, or the app.  I manually added it; which is how I added it before.

Refreshed calendar app and still nothing. No future event and no past events. My settings btw are set to all events. That way past events don't drop off my calendar.


I really hope they fix this soon! I almost didn't do my quiz! I use the iphone/iwatch religiously for planning and staying organized.