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how do I download Arc Analytics usage information for an entire class all at once?

Question asked by Phillip Daves on Mar 5, 2019
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I need to be able to download for the entire class at one time the Arc analytics. Specifically, I need to be able to download for all 150 students at once a report that indicates which students viewed the video. I'd also like to know which ones viewed all of it if possible. I know this information is available on a student by student basis on the Arc analytics screen, but that information isn't at all useful to me when I have 3 sections of 50 students for a total of 150 students and perhaps 20 different class days with videos. I need to be able to assign credit or not for viewing the videos and I need to be able to do it without recording by hand roughly 150 x 20 = 3,000 different individual screens in Arc analytics. I'm also not sure why Canvas wouldn't let me post this to the Arc users group--the only place it would allow me to post this question is InstructureCon.....whatever that is. And it required me to pick a place....