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Image Files Have Quit Working

Question asked by Lawrence West on Mar 9, 2019
Latest reply on Mar 21, 2019 by Lawrence West

HELP!!! I am hoping that someone in the Community will have some insights into this problem. I've had a major issue develop in my University course on a scale I have never seen before. A fundamental aspect of my content presentation has quit working. I have raised this issue with the my university's instructor support staff but this problem is so serious and so immediate that I am blasting out via any channel available to try to get this resolved. 


I author most of my content in HTML using Dream Weaver making extensive use of inline image files accessed using relative hyperlinks. The content is uploaded into Canvas Files (mirroring the file structure on my local computer) and I deliver the content to students by adding key HTML file links to Modules and some to a single Canvas page which serves as my home page. 


As nearly as I can tell ALL image files uploaded on or after February 9th have quit working. I have seen this problem before but always at the single file level, never with almost the entire content of the course affected and never with the inability to correct the problem I am now seeing.


While I haven't tested each and every file the following symptoms seem to be applying to all of the affected files and they definitely apply to all of the files I have tested:



  1. All of my images appear when browsing folders containing images in the Canvas Files system but their behavior varies depending on when they were uploaded.
  2. A broken image symbol displays in the hosting HTML page, either when the HTML page is clicked on in Modules or in previewed in Files. 
  3. When viewing the folder listing for image folders in Files there is no preview for the image (the little boxes to the left of the file name). As I type this I cannot see previews of image files in the Files | Modules | 04_SuperSubType | SQLImages folder or later but can see preview images in Modules 2 & 3.
  4. When browsing an image folder in Files I get a broken image icon when clicking on an image file in Modules 4 and later but see the image previewed in Modules 2 & 3.
  5. If I create a dummy page in Canvas and attempt to add an affected image via the embed image control the images all show in the selection dialog but when one is chosen the image dimensions do not populate.
  6. If I browse images in the Canvas Files system and attempt to download an image file I get two behaviors depending on if the image is in the older (pre Module 4) batch or the newer batch.
    1. If I attempt to download an older image it downloads and displays in an image viewer on my local computer properly. 
    2. If I attempt to download a newer image I get an almost empty browser with "JWT rejected: user authentication failed" in plain text. 



I have had this trouble before on an individual file level and have ALWAYS been able to correct it by re-uploading the image and overwriting it in the Canvas Files system. This has quit working. I have tried it with wholesale deletion of image folders and deletion and re-upload of individual image files.


I strongly suspect that this behavior is recent as 60 students would have been screaming if it had happened earlier.