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Query developer key state?

Question asked by Chris Lawson on Mar 7, 2019

Outside of having a Canvas admin verify thru the UI, is there any systematic way to check the state of a developer key? API call would be preferable but a status page or even some way to infer from API failure message would work.


Here is some background. We push grades from our tool provider to Canvas via API on a course basis. This push is always initiated by the instructor of the course. We're finding that instructors from new institutions who are trying to setup our tool for the first time will sometimes run into issues due to a missing or disabled developer key. And, since instructors don't usually have Canvas admin access, it is often difficult to contact the admin to verify these details in a timely manner.


We're trying to find a way to obtain our dev key status without involving an admin so that we can eliminate the key as an issue while troubleshooting. Any help or suggestions are appreciated!