Robert Lapkass

Canvas QTI tools which also support metrics

Discussion created by Robert Lapkass on Aug 16, 2015

Hello: I've been going thru an evaluation of Respondus, to be used to prepare online exams for my course in Canvas. So far Repondus seems to do what I need it to, and I'll probably wind up procuring it for the fall term.


However, I currently have a bank of my own test questions stored in Excel, and the one thing that Respondus does not seem to handle is metrics. By that, I mean I have collected stats over the semesters showing the min, max, and average scores every time I've used any question. This helps me to tweak questions, know what to emphasize or NOT emphasize, and know what we need to cover more deeply next time around. I'd like to keep this data linked to any data format I adopt.


So my question is: can anyone point me to a Canvas-compliant, QTI-generating tool to generate exam questions, which can also handle such histrorical metrics?


I suppose with enough effort I could write my own DB storing such metrics, export just the questions into Excel format, and import that portion into Repondus, but first I wonder if there is any existing solution??


Thanks for any suggestions!