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Question asked by Pete Downey on Mar 8, 2019
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Hi all!


I am a long-time lurker and appreicate all of the help and insight this form provides.

I am a tech coach at a middle school and the following is the predicament I am in:


Objective: Each quarter, teachers are required to give a summative assessment.  Part of that assessment has the following requirements: read 3 articles, answer 3 questions about each one (main idea, etc), then one question at the end that ties them all together (compare and contrast, etc).  Teachers have a rubric on how they are to grade each question (which I have recreated in Canvas).  We would like to adminster this part of the test and use the rubric all inside Canvas.


Dead-Ends So Far:


  • Creating a quiz with individual questions does not allow teachers to use a rubric.  The rubric that can be added to an entire quiz does not grade the quiz (teachers would have to give individual scores for all 10 questions and click the rubric 10 times...they will hate me).  It would be nice if you could use a rubric for individual essay questions inside a quiz or have a rubric grade the quiz.
  • Google Drive Cloud Assignment - Create a Google Doc Template.  Teachers could copy/paste their articles in, followed by the questions.  See the responses in Speedgrader.  Add the rubric.  Sounds perfect until you realize the kids now have a copy of the exam in their Drive that they could share with others.
  • Google Drive Cloud Assignment with a Google Form - Doesn't seem to work with Forms.  Does anyone know if there is a way to get Form responses into Speedgrader somehow?
  • Regular assignment - I am thinking this is the only all-digital option.  It is not ideal as it is not as secure as a quiz and students would have to number each question as they go in the text box.


I think the route we are going with for now is to give a quiz that includes all of the articles and questions, set each question a point-value of zero (except the last question), use a paper rubric to add up the score, enter that value on the last question.


Does anyone have any other ideas for the specific situation?


Thanks for reading. Sorry for the book.