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Anonymous Group Peer Review

Question asked by Adarsh Char on Mar 11, 2019
Latest reply on Mar 12, 2019 by Adarsh Char

Hi Canvaseers,

One of my faculty is trying to create a single-blind peer review process. What she would like is for students within a group to evaluate each other on their performance on an assignment. She would like for her students to be able to see who they are evaluating, but not who evaluated them. 


For instance, I am a member of a 4 person group. I am randomly or otherwise assigned another group member's project to evaluate. I need to know who's project I am evaluating because one of the things I am evaluating is how well they participated in the group. However, when I provide my feedback it is anonymous to my group mate, i.e., they don't know who evaluated their project.


Is there any way to make this happen in Canvas? I wasn't able to figure out a reasonable solution. Currently, Anonymous Instructor Annotations is not turned on. I do have Peer Review Anonymity turned on. I understand that the annotations setting is only specific to annotations made in the DocViewer and not in the SpeedGrader.