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500 errors when using the API to update or add LTI Tools

Question asked by Andrea G Schmidt on Mar 11, 2019
Latest reply on Apr 23, 2019 by James Jones

I'm curious if anyone else is seeing this issue. I've filed a ticket, but it would be good to know if others are also running into this problem.


We use environment variables for most of our LTI tools so they don't need to be updated after a beta/test refresh. We have a few tools that use custom variables, though, and these do need to be updated on beta/test.


Lately, when trying to do a PUT to update a tool, I receive a 500 error. When I look under settings -> apps, I will then see two instances of the tool. One will have the beta config while the other has the production config. Doing a GET call, using search for the tool name, only one instance gets returned, though.


Using POST to add a new tool also results in a 500 error. Sometimes the tool displays under settings -> apps, other times it does not.


When I do a PUT or POST, I use the following, which has worked well for the past several years:

"config_type": "by_url",
"config_url": "url_here"


Is anyone else seeing this?