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Turnitin reporting for late submissions due to illness/bereavement etc.

Question asked by Ríanna Peck on Mar 11, 2019
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Hi all,


Currently, when assignments are being muted, with the intention of grading them and then releasing the marks to students by unmuting, a side effect is that students submitting to muted assignments do not receive Turnitin reports. As instructors would typically be muting and grading assignments only after the deadline, students who submit their assignments late (if instructors allow late submissions) will not receive a Turnitin report if the instructor has already started grading.


However, this would mean that students who, for example, may have been ill or experienced a bereavement, and so may be entitled to a deadline extension, would not receive a Turnitin report, which would be an unfair disadvantage. While it's possible that the instructor could hold off on muting the assignment until after the student has submitted, this would put pressure on the instructor if there are a large amount of assignments to grade. It is also possible that the student may not contact the instructor until after the deadline has passed and the instructor has already started grading.


Is anyone aware of any workarounds for this?