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Google LTI and Observer Access

Question asked by Sara Frizelle Champion on Mar 11, 2019
Latest reply on Apr 5, 2019 by Mark Matusiak


I've searched at bit - and didn't see the question. If it's been answered please direct me to the correct place.


We have installed the Google LTI. All is good there and teachers are embedding documents in pages. Brilliant. Except for one thing. Our parents (who are in as observers) are unable to view the documents. They are getting the following authorise error.

Google Authorise Message







They could authorise with their personal Google Accounts - but for numerous reasons we don't want that. We just want them to be able to view the embedded Google Doc.


We have tried all the different share settings on the Google Doc - and none of them work - including the Public on the Web setting (which is not ideal for our teachers). So the question - can parent observers view embedded Google Docs without authorising first? If so, what are the settings?


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