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Does anyone use third-party caption providers with Arc?

Question asked by Kristen Allen on Mar 13, 2019
Latest reply on Sep 2, 2019 by Fábio Sousa

We use a third-party captioning service that integrates very nicely with our lecture capture software. Basically, the workflow is:

  1. Faculty create and upload their content.
  2. They either contact us to request captions or we give them permission to be a caption requester.
  3. Captions are added to the video with a 2-3 day turn around. (These are not the auto-generated ASR kind; captioning involves a human element and therefore high rate of accuracy.)


Our institution is new to Arc, I'm curious if anyone else is using a third-party captioning service with Arc and what your workflow looks like. After reading through the Arc documentation, it looks like we might need to download the video from Arc/Canvas, then upload to our third-party website, then download from the third-party website, then reupload into Arc/Canvas and delete the original. There's a lot more steps and people power involved for something we have automated in other instances. I'm hoping you wonderful folks have a better solution!