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Creative solution for embedding from Google Team Drive?

Question asked by Howard Martin on Mar 14, 2019
Latest reply on Jun 24, 2019 by Adam Gress

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Encouraging district departments to keep collective documents in Team Drive for long term viability.  One dept created course with embedded Google Docs and it looked nice.  They want to put docs into Team Drive for the ownership reasons.  Well known that current Google LTI doesn't embed from Team Drive.  


Any creative people find a work around that is simple enough for teachers to use without 'massive coding effort'?  


-----back end of story----

Teacher's embedded doc fails to load once moved into Team Drive. When doc moved back to her Drive, the embed automatically shows in embed again.  Not sure if change in owner (move to Team Drive) is what breaks embed or if LTI-created link can be altered in HTML to retain embed after moved to Team Drive.


Also aware that Google Course Kit can solve this, but Course Kit presented us with other problems and I'm unwilling to take those on at this time.