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Resubmit assignment but keep original filename?

Question asked by Norm Krumpe on Aug 15, 2015
Latest reply on Aug 25, 2015 by DJ Rao

It seems that when students submit an assignment and then resubmit an assignment with the same filename, Canvas automatically appends a number to the end of the filename.  For example, if the student submits:




and then decides to resubmit the assignment using the same filename, Canvas will rename it as:




But what if the student and the instructor do not want the file renamed upon resubmission?  I am thinking in particular about students in my Java programming class, because incorrect filenames will prevent a student's submission from working correctly.


Is one of the following possible using Canvas?

  1. Prevent Canvas from renaming files that are resubmitted?
  2. Allow students to rename a file after resubmitting?


One workaround is to ask the students to zip their submissions, because then only the zipped file would get renamed.  But this adds a layer of complexity I would like the students to avoid.


Thank you for any advice you might have.