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Have you had any issues with assignment visibility in the mobile app?

Question asked by Cheryl Handsaker on Mar 15, 2019
Latest reply on Apr 17, 2019 by Peyton Craighill

One of my colleagues sent along a mystery and I am hoping someone here might have an explanation. 


We had a ticket where a student could not see assignment 6 on his Canvas mobile app, but the assignment was clearly viewable to all students if they used a computer. This caused some confusion so the professor called about why some students did not see the assignment when others clearly could. Looking into it I found that I could reproduce the problem on my phone using the Canvas app for students. Closing the app and opening the app did not make new assignments that are verifiably visible to students on the computer appear on the app. However, logging out of the app and logging into the app did work and the new assignment would appear. 


Both folks were using the Android app. 


Is this a known issue? Has anyone seen this before? Why was a logout required to be able to view this content for the student?


Thanks for any information you can provide.