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How do you toggle between sections under the "Course" menu?

Question asked by Jon Civitella on Aug 14, 2015
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My school just started using Canvas and I am the guinea pig. I teach two sections of the same USH course. My registrar created a course entitled "USH" and created two sections--e & f--but the sections don't show when I hover over my "Course" tab:



They do show when I am inside my settings tab for my USH course:



Does anyone have any idea why my sections are present under the "sections" tab of my USH course, but I can't toggle between them (or is there a way to toggle between them that I am just not aware of?)? I've seen other people hovering over their "Course" tab and it shows the various sections they teach, but for some reason I just can't seem to see them. I ask so that I may set up each section differently. Or do I have to create two separate "courses" entitled "USH E" and "USH F" in order to accomplish this? Any and all help would be GREATLY appreciated. From all my training I know that the Canvas community is the best, so I look forward to someone cracking the code! Thanks in advance.