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Canvas Sync Errors

Question asked by Joe Roney on Mar 19, 2019
Latest reply on May 28, 2020 by Nancy Latimer

Does anyone know a solution to the sync issue that some of our teachers are having? I will use myself in the example.

I create an assignment for Q2. Everything syncs wonderfully. During Q3, I do the same thing, but at some point during the term while looking at Monitoring and Reporting in my course, I see Errors with the sync. Some assignments will sync with no errors. The errors are showing "Details: Unable to update assignment Drops #12 Reason: HTTP response HTTP/1.1 409 Conflict response: {"message":"The specified assignment is locked.","errors":[{"resource":"Assignment","field":null,"code":"Locked","messageParams":null}]" This error is saying that this assignments is in a locked term. This particular assignment is in a locked term, but I am not trying to sync this assignment. It is in Q2. I am only trying to sync my Q3 assignments. If I go back to Q2 and toggle the "sync to PTP" option to not sync for every assignment, I can get my Q3 grades to sync properly. 

I am wondering why one would need to go back into previous terms in order to make the current term sync properly. If my term is locked in Canvas and in PTP, those assignments should not even try to sync.