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LTI variable Canvas.course.sectionSisSourceIds does not return value

Question asked by George Yang on Mar 18, 2019
Latest reply on Nov 5, 2019 by Juliet Crocco

Hi, I am new Canvas developer. I currently create a external app to display classlist and photos. Everything works fine. The link in a course navigation points to a external app which display photos. In Canvas there are some Cross-list courses which I need display two or more courses. I created added custom fields in the canvas app config as:


    <lticm:property name="course_section_sourced_id">$CourseSection.sourcedId</lticm:property>
    <lticm:property name="canvas_course_section_ids">$Canvas.course.sectionIds</lticm:property>
    <lticm:property name="canvas_course_section_sis_source_ids">$Canvas.course.sectionSisSourceIds</lticm:property>
    <lticm:property name="lis_course_section_sourcedid">$Canvas.course.sisSourceId</lticm:property>
    <lticm:property name="Canvas_CourseSectionsTest_All">$Canvas.course.sectionSisSourceIds</lticm:property>

Actually it worked for some days in my test environment but after two weeks (after sandbox refresh) it does not work any more. The custom variable canvas_course_section_sis_source_ids" $Canvas.course.sectionSisSourceIds does not return any value!

I have checked everything and could not find anything wrong doning. I don't know if there are some change on Canvas configuration? Any suggestion are welcome...