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Conflict with "No Submission" Assignment & "Submit" Module Requirement?

Question asked by Emily Pulham on Mar 22, 2019
Latest reply on Mar 25, 2019 by Emily Pulham

Some assignments in Canvas allow for "No submission" or "on paper" meaning the student doesn't have to submit anything electronically for the assignment, but there is still a spot for a grade. (Particularly useful for our Technical College that uses rubrics for procedural pass-offs)


If I add a requirement of "Submit the assignment" to the assignment within a module, it appears that if the setting of "no submission" or "on paper" is selected, that even if I have entered a manual grade into the grade book, because the student hasn't submitted something, they cannot unlock the next phase.


I have seen Kona Jones's work-around of putting EX into the gradebook to bypass a requirement-- that was helpful. Watched this video: 09.07.2017-12.12.09 

Should I use "score at least" instead of "submit" as the requirement? I want all the items within the modules to have a requirement of some kind -- we have had issues in the past of students thinking they're farther ahead than they are, and I was hopeful that the "submit" requirement would allow me to do that without setting a minimum score requirement.