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Can We make checklists more detailed?

Question asked by cody strode on Mar 22, 2019
Latest reply on Mar 24, 2019 by Kona Jones

Let's break down discussion assignments in three or four parts.

Typically, there is a designated material (Video, reading, etc.), an initial post, and two mandatory peer responses included in this assignment.


After clicking on the assigned materials, they should reflect as "opened" on the checklist and once we start reading or viewing, the canvas should automatically save our sport and reflect the percentage viewed on the checklist. When finished reading or viewing, we should be able to mark the material as "done."



Our initial posts should be auto-saved as we type as well and we should be able to see our progress reflected on the checklist with a word count as well. Finally, we should be able to go directly to where we left off by clicking on a subcategory within the checklist labeled with the discussion assignment name and the word "initial post."


The progress bars should also be applied to our peer responses; they should be visible and easily accessible from the checklist as well.


Perhaps we should also have a checklist for grading as well. We should be able to know when our teacher has viewed our submissions, and what phases of their grading they are at throughout the term, so we aren't left wondering or distracting them with emails about our grades.


Finally, we should be able to finetune scheduled reminders that include hyperlinks that will take us directly to where we left off for any phase of assignments.


My proposals will help to keep us organized, motivated, and spend more time working rather than seeing which materials match witch assignments or looking for our posts and comments.