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Why would a Word document show as encrypted in a Canvas assignment submission?

Question asked by Jeffrey Brady Expert on Mar 26, 2019
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I have had two students submit Wrod docs to Canvas assignment this semester that have come in encrypted. When I asked, the students said that they had attempted to submit them through their phones.  However, when I informed one of the students of what happened and recommended she submit through a computer, she attempted to do so from her own laptop on the campus, through the college Wi-Fi, and submitting from a Word document saved to her desktop, and it still came thrugh as encrypted. One odd thing is that even though the document appears encrypted in Speedgrader, if I download a copy, I can open it and read it just fine on my desktop.


This sounds as if it is more of a Microsoft issue rather than a Canvas issue, but I was hoping that someone might have experienced this before, determined the cause, and have a solution.