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Spotty File Downloads

Question asked by Eric Whitmer on Mar 28, 2019
Latest reply on Mar 28, 2019 by Ken Black

I recently came across an issue where some files could not be downloaded in Chrome, Firefox, and Internet Explorer (either current or current -5 versions behind) where the affected individuals couldn't download a PDF for example, when they clicked the related file link, it would come up with page could not be loaded error. We tried clearing the cache in all the browsers and restarting the browser and it still came up with the same error in all cases. For one case, we even had restarted the computer because we use DeepFreeze and that would wipe the cached user profile and we still had the same issue. This was even replicated under another user on the same computer and a different computer and it worked fine. It happens intermittently. I have reached out to our IT Department and they don't know what would cause this issue.


Anyone have any ideas on why this happens?


Thank you  for your time.